Healer Spell Tuning–Updated Suggestions

My last experiment with suggesting specific healer tuning changes was pretty successful, I thought (Blizzard agreed with a lot of them).  Now that there’s been a little time for that round of changes to sink in, and there have been a few more miscellaneous ones in each patch, I want to look again at where they need to go from there.  The healer array is in a much better place than it was a few weeks ago.

The caveats from last time still apply.  This is still generally based on information from HealerCalcs (now published at that link).  Though it’s still meant to be a brief actionable list, I’m putting in a little more commentary than last time, since the list is shorter and sometimes I want to talk a bit about what’s changed.

I’m starting with the list from last time and showing changes from there.

  • Sruckout entries are things that occurred in patches since the first post
  • Italicized entries are newly added
  • Unadorned entries are changes I still think should be made (usually with comment)


Significantly Nerf:

  • Soul of the Forest (WG component)
  • Incarnation: This talent was not weakened by the change to work with Rejuv, and is still a huge efficiency increase.  Consider weakening Rejuv cost decrease component.

Slightly Nerf:

Slightly Buff:

Significantly Buff:

  • Force of Nature: huge buff still needed to be competitive with other L60 talents (on the order of 5-6x).
  • Genesis: The idea can still work, but currently very expensive for something that adds no healing.


  • Remains very mobile, which is a traditional Druid strength and can be important in raids.  No suggested changes, but a notable advantage of the class.
  • Due to Wild Growth’s status as a HoT, and potential for significant overhealing despite being an expensive spell that’s used carefully, I think it’s the rare example of a spell where 5.0-style “smart” healing behavior would be appropriate.
  • The Rampant Growth-Soul of the Forest interaction is seemingly okay at the moment (and is a pretty interesting and complex playstyle).  However, Rampant Growth is a weak PvE talent without it.
  • Total heal output is still high, may need to be tuned down slightly using a knob like Naturalist during final balancing.

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