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In the aftermath of last week’s Wowhead Weekly episode, where Dayani and I got together and talked about healing for 45 minutes, we thought it might be fun to record some of our general healing chat sessions and put them to use.  We spend a lot of time talking to each other about healing theory, and while some of that does end up in blog or forum posts, or on Twitter, a lot of discussion doesn’t ever make it anywhere.

So we hopped in Mumble and chatted about a few current topics, and now present it to you here in podcast form.


General list of topics:

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Weird Raiding Month/Magical Unicorn Fairyland Time
>> See http://healiocentric.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/patch-6-0-2-full-of-sound-and-fury-signifying-nothing/
08:22 – Spirit in Warlords
16:00 – Discipline Priests
29:00 – Mistweaver Monks and Crane Stance
37:15 – Mobility
43:45 – Holy Paladin Issues
50:55 – Raid Cooldowns in Warlords
58:30 – Wrap-up

You’ll note we’re pretty casual – this is an experiment more than anything.  Plans going forward for this are not specific, but we liked doing it, so we’ll see about doing it whenever there are some ripe topics to go over.  Let us know if you enjoyed it, and we’re always open to feedback, suggestions for improvement, and commentary.

13 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast

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  2. Nice podcast! I am trying to decide on my main for Warlords of Draenor so hearing these kinds of dicussions is really interesting.

  3. Omg that Inner Focus sound. The first time I ever heard that I Google how to turn it off. Both when I was on my priest and when I wasn’t.

    Seriously, fuck that sound.

  4. Good podcast, but there’s an almost unbearably irritating sound in the background. I’m not sure what it is, though it seems to happen when Halmet speaks. It’s like a brief, very high-pitched kind of electrical *chck* sound that drills into my ears like an icepick. Made it very hard to enjoy this otherwise interesting podcast.

    • Yeah, we think that’s an artifact from the Mumble recording program, and next time we try this we’re going to use different recording software. Might try a different voice chat program too, depending on how much effort we wanna put in :P

  5. Finally listened to the podcast today on my way home from work. Was interesting, but more fluff than I’m used to from you guys. And grrrrrrrr on the hater stuff. In addition to my most hated healer I have a couple baby healers that will eventually want to consider making the leap from LFR to real raiding. Perhaps you could devote a show to the 98% of us that don’t hardcore raid. Maybe some guidance on what LFR healers should be focused on now and into WoD when they’re in that slushie environment to have some idea if they’re ready cause face it most of us are dpsing our brains out which won’t get us into a raid guild. Thanks for taking the time to put these shows out for us. Gives me something besides Siriusxm political talk radio to listen to on the way home.

    • Thanks for feedback–a little more fluff is sort of intentional (and/or partially unavoidable when talking off the top of our heads instead of writing posts). The goal is still to generally have it full of material information. LFR/beginner healing is a nice thought, will try to think about what there might be to say on that.

  6. Loved the podcast and can’t wait for the next. An hour goes too fast :) I really enjoyed the casual feel of it, the “fluff” ended up being the most meaty bits! You’ll be touching more on shamans and holy in a future podcast? Also, Hamlet, you recently discussed Germination as being a really dang cool (“favorite”?) lvl 100 talent choice. I was under the impression that the Rampant Growth/SotF synergy was going to be more powerful? The latter was going to be my choice at cap, though I didn’t test much in beta. Any chance you can discuss this in a future podcast as well?

    As an aside, the clicking noise was obvious while listening in my car, but not at all on headphones.

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  8. Loved the way both of you warmed up and relaxed to talk about healing in WOD.
    You are 2 of my favorite bloggers/healers to read, learn from and listen to.

  9. Just came across this today, great podcast.
    I’ve been a fan of Hamlet for a while. If it wasn’t for him, I’d have never made it through MoP CMs.
    Dayani, I just came across your blog today as well, and it seems as though both of you are extremely experienced when it comes to healing in general. I’d love to sit down and pick your brains sometime. It would be a valuable learning experience.

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