Healing Discussion Podcast #2

We sat down again for an important topic we didn’t get to last time–how to pick stats for healers in Warlords.  That kept us going for an hour, since we talked about all the different classes and stats and what we think is best to use.


General list of topics:
0:00 Intro, Spirit (referenced Spirit post)
2:00 Loot allocation
5:00 Multistrike mechanics
9:00 Versatility mechanics
18:00 Attunement stats
19:00 Evaluating Haste for healers
25:45 Resto Druid stats
30:30 Holy Priest stats
33:00 Mistweaver Monk stats
36:20 Why it’s still important to pick a best stat in Warlords
38:15 Resto Shaman stats (referenced CM video)
47:25 Holy Paladin stats
51:15 Disc Priest stats

Sorry if the audio recording still has some annoying pops.  I updated Mumble to 1.2.8 and tried the Mumble recorder again.  We will see if we can try something else next time.

10 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #2

  1. Great discussion as always, looking forward to #3 for more!

    Suppose that versatility acts approximately in the way you described (that is, sacrificing a percentage of raid DPS for roughly double that percentage as raidwide DR) – do you think this opens up the possibility of raid leaders suggesting people equip versatility gear in situations were dropping a DPS for a healer is impractical, allowing almost fractional control over healer:DPS ratios.

    For example, 5 healers and 13 DPS just isn’t cutting it during a heavy damage phase, but 6 healers would be overkill. Equipping some versatility gear, this could become roughly 5.5 healers and 12.5 DPS.

  2. I referred our raid leader for the versatility discussion.

    Also, while everyone loves to hate discipline. Discipline at its most effective has never been really engaging. (Current holy nova spam, wrath’s pw:s spam, etc.) Some priest healers would really rather be holy with fun spell interactions (an more than one button – ok fine right now you need to AA also) but feel that holy’s state would be letting the raid down. I’m planning on dropping disc in favor of shadow while leveling (and hope to keep the shadow spec at max level and just be holy).

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  4. Excellent podcast! I hope you will have more coming soon! It would be lovely to have such a good breakdown for all different classes and specs, actually!

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