Healing Discussion Podcast #4

For the first time since Warlords, we sat down and talked about healing.  This was more of an open-ended discussion of things happening since launch, generally focusing on trinkets, the Disc Priest situation, and on how the Warlords healing system is starting to play out in raids.


00:00 Intro – What we’ve been doing since launch
05:45 Trinkets – #candlegate and Highmaul trinkets.  This is a chart of healer trinkets I made while I was preparing for this show: Trinkets
26:00 Healing in Highmaul – the WoD model, Mar’gok vs Butcher/Kargath
42:10 Power Word: Shield, with bonus digressions on Prayer of Healing design and the role of healing assignments in WoD
1:12:00 Outro & Merry Christmas :)

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7 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #4

  1. Playing a discipline priest, I can’t help but agree with what you’ve said.

    What really pushed us over edge was the ludicrous nerfs to Holy Nova in 6.0 and the 20% buff to PWS on launch day. It pretty much ruined HN as an effective means to heal and made PWS so powerful it’s our best way to heal both AoE and single-target damage.

    Discipline was actually pretty fine in the beta when grace was 20% as PWS and HN both contributed to your healing, but the excessive amount of secondary stats and the healing nature of SoO made Holy Nova seem incredibly powerful, if not overpowered, when its healing would be much more moderate in Warlords compared to Soo.

    Nerfing PWS, turning the Grace knob and restoring HN seems like a logical solution to me, it gives us real AoE healing that isn’t bound to emp AA and keeps PWS a good single-target heal.

  2. Actually really surprised about the cost of Swiftment. Do you think this is intended? Hasn’t SM always been an efficient spell that was pretty much always worth casting? It’ll be difficult getting out of that habbit.

  3. Thank you so much for your podcasts, they really help me a lot seeing different perspectives! I also realized I probably have to reduce my Swiftmend usage, have gotten really used to it because of sotf.

    Also, I want to say that I too appreciate any thoughts on healing assignments. As you said, this isn’t to be taken too literally. But for someone like me, who hasn’t maxed all the healing classes, it is very helpful. I might be able to say something general like “I’m good at raid healing”, but when it comes to specific encounters, I’m not necessarily able to say “I’m better suited for this task than a monk healer” because I just don’t know the other classes well enough.
    So any input on that is very much appreciated from my side! Maybe Dayani’s superb raid guides would be a good place?

  4. Firstly, keep up with the healing podcasts – they’re great!

    On an encounter and healing philosophy, do you think the current scale of raw healing outputted by the big mass heals (Revival, HTT, Tranq etc) distorts the amount of healing permitted for every other spell in a healers arsenal? It seems like the only way to tax a healer in a burst phase is kinda to be punishing them for not having the them ready. Could it be that if heals themselves cost more mana, but did more healing, you could ramp up your HPS by just casting more and have a more modest effect from your big cooldowns? I play a monk and the having Revival in my top 3-5 seems to leave a bad Pareto-like aftertaste!

  5. Hey Guys! As always, great job and keep it up!

    I wanted to bring up an issue that I hope you could discuss in the future. Right now there are certain specs in the game that have up to 80% of their heals coming from a a single spell. Prime examples are Disc priest with PW:S which you’ve discussed in this episode, and Holy Paladins with 2 beacons on tanks and spamming Holy Light on the raid and rarely actually healing the tanks directly. For other classes you will see some of their big cooldowns like HTT, Revival, Tranq be a top 2nd(sometimes 1st) healing source they produce. Is this healthy for the game and is it a much better change from what it used to be?

  6. I’d be interested in a discussion on how the effect of big cds changes with raid size, as my guild is usually running 10-15 man raids and I feel like my healing output is primarily from my standard heals instead of from HTT casts, and the same shows on meters from the other healers present. Is this expected from small raid sizes, or is this more likely a case of us not using our cds correctly?

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