Healing Discussion Podcast #5

Coming back after the holidays to catch up on a variety of topics.  Enjoy!


0:00 Intro & welcome back
1:45 Revisiting Warlords and Spirit scaling (recent post)  (a few other posts that relate to this)
12:30 Raid CDs, how they’re different in Warlords vs MoP, and how to use them (Dayani’s recent post)
41:30 Healer Raid Spots in Warlords
55:10 Biweekly update on annoying things about Disc Priests (Glyph of Reflective Shield)
58:00 Wild Growth breakpointing (post explaining partial ticks)

1:02:45 Consumables: Draenic Channeled Mana Potion vs. Draenic Mana Potion; Healing Tonic vs. Shieldtronic Shield*; (Dayani’s referenced tweets about mana in M Butcher)
1:20:10 Outro & Happy New Year!

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*We said that Shield is about half the size of Healing Tonic; it’s actually 3/4 the size. The argument/discussion doesn’t change, but it’s less of a dramatic difference.

4 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #5

    • Yeah, I just glossed over it and counted tanks the same as DPS for simplicity. It would be 1/15 though, if 2 of the 16 non-healers are actually tanks :P .

  1. I pre-pot Int on any fight where damage starts straight off, why wouldn’t I? It’s a bit of extra spellpower at the start of the fight, and it means my spells hit harder. Int pots are cheap to make. An extra 700ish per tick on a rejuve is nothing to sneeze at, even if the only one who benefits is my tank.

    There’s a good spot to drink on Heroic Butcher. (Dunno about Mythic yet.) We scraped out our first kill because of finding a spot – we had to scrape every iota of mana we could to survive enrage. At the melee knockback, there is enough time to sit directly at the knockback, drink a potion, and run into melee before the first cleave group takes a swing. There’s actually enough time to start pre-hotting the group. (We often have a druid standing in one of the cleave groups.)

    Thanks for doing these podcasts – I always walk away with little interesting tidbits. This time it was CM thoughts and pre-potting shields. :)

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