Healing Discussion Podcast #7

With the arrival of the first 6.1 patch notes today, we did an impromptu show where we read through them together and discussed points of interest to healers.


The whole show is us discussing patch note items. It generally goes in the order things are written in the notes.
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13 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #7

  1. Something I just wanted to add as another talent balancing that was a little more indirect is that the 15% buff to Resto Druid damage will (should?) result in a 15% buff to Dream of Cenarius.

    • Yeah, I noticed that right after we finished, when I was putting that stuff into the sheet. It makes sense though, that’s a very justifiable talent to give a buff to. Situations where you use it might be popping up a little now (Mar’gok), but it’s still pretty rare that it really accomplishes much.

      It is worth checking that it actually is a buff–Resto Wrath has had this hidden 25% modifier ever since the start of 6.0, should make sure that’s still there.

  2. Thanks for the quick update!
    I just wanted to slip into the discussion that Chi Explosion will be more powerful than Uplift when healing 5-man encounters (UL still more powerful on 6 targets though, I agree). Since it’s also usable while channeling Soothing Mist, I think it’ll be a very popular choice for healing 5-man encounters. Especially since BotS is notoriously hard to aim with and people seem very afraid of the spell!

    • Haha, yes, I had so many groups on the Beta run away from my statue. And me comically trying to chase them and helplessly pleading with my monitor … “No, guys, it’s safe, stand in it!”

      • Do you think that chiex will be worthwhile on stacked fights with the 2pc?
        Now that chiex is usable/instant while channeling SooM, it will benefit greatly from the 5%-40% multistrike bonus.

        • Yes, I do think Chi Explosion will be really good with the changes coming in 6.1. However, the strength of a stacked healing ability depends on encounter design and strategy also. It’ll always be useful in melee, but you’ll still need to rely on Uplift for ranged healing for a lot of BRF fights anyway, which may mean you don’t get quite as much useful output from Chi Explosion on fights where the entire raid can’t stack.

          That said, I haven’t looked closely at anything yet – maybe I’ll catch up on this after I finish my BRF guides project :)

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  4. I’m curious why you dislike Moment of Clarity for forcing you to use RG when it procs and yet you mention no qualms with SoTF which I feel enforces more imposed decisions than this:

    1) You save SM and only use it to empower WG
    2) You use SM as it’s needed and then wait a few seconds for WG to be off cooldown
    3) You use SM as it’s needed and then use SoTF on something non-optimal as your WG has recently been used
    4) You do not have SM available but need to WG.

    I feel bad for using SM without following up with WG and feel equally bad for using WG without being able prep SoTF beforehand.

    Quite frankly I would rather WG had a base healing buff and the SoTF boost was reduced to compensate; with regards to Moment of Clarity I think having the talent allow WG to benefit as well as RG would offer more flexibility and talent diversity.

    • I actually have generally had that complaint with SotF. It was a big reason I didn’t use it much early in Mists, until after it got buffed a few times (and mana stopped being much of an issue). Part of what helped was simply getting used to it, which I did after playing with it regularly for most of Siege. But I still never really like the situations you describe above. It’s actually a little worse now that I sometimes use both SotF and Inc again, because SotF really works best when you have ingrained casting habits to use it right, and it’s hard for those to be second nature when you have to keep changing based on what talent you have on.

      • With the buff to rampant growth it might be worth taking and it will reduce the issues with SM and SotF. I just did 8/10 hc bosses in Brf and it felt like there were many opportunities where SotF would be really good. Unfortunately I was stuck in dreamland and used pvp glyphs and didnt get to the chance to actually try SotF/DoC or rampant growth. Tree of life and Vigil still seems to be very solid cds however with the 4-set bonus i think SotF is gonna take the price.

  5. Would you be able to make your podcast available on Pocket Casts? (Android app) . I would love to listen, but have not been able to found it on there.

    • I don’t know much about this stuff, but we do want to look into ways of hosting it that are more normal for podcasts, as soon as we have time.

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