Healing Discussion Podcast #10

Back for another show!  We start with some current goings-on related to trinkets; there have been a few recent changes that affect healers.  That gets us into a discussion of some aspects of healer stats generally and the mana situation.  Then we use remaining time to get started on a topic we’re both always happy to talk about, Challenge Mode healing.


0:00 – Intro & Catching Up
1:35 – Recent Healer Trinket Changes
> 1:55 – Patch 6.1 Changes to healer loot tables (background)
> 3:20 – Spirit’s historical budget & value on trinkets
> 7:20 – Bonus Armor analogy and why Blizzard made the change
> 12:50 – Loss of interesting loot choice
> 14:45 – Mana inflation concerns (my post on the situation before this)
> 20:55 – BRF Trinket re-evaluation (AutoclaveTalisman)
> 23:30 – Distinguishing Int DPS trinkets from Healer trinkets
31:35 – Alchemist Stone trinket
36:55 – Tertiary stats and the case for Avoidance
40:35 – Challenge Mode Healing
> 40:35 – Differences from raid healing
> 44:20 – Tank healing & encounter knowledge
> 45:40 – CM mana management
> 50:40 – Spirit vs Int for CMs
> 57:35 – Pacing for speed in CMs
> 1:00:55 – Hamlet’s Gold CM guides
1:02:05 – Outro & good-bye!

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4 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #10

  1. This expansion started off amazingly in terms of mana gameplay, but it is already getting pretty ridiculous. I am playing Disc, which has one of the craziest mana talents alongside Resto Shaman, and think about dropping Candle and Solace in favor of a spirit trinket to free up so many GCDs.

    With your projection of how mana will turn out later, I could also see some real concerns in class balance. Some healers (mainly Disc and Holy Pala) are not really constrained by mana already, so they won’t scale very well with the influx of mana we will get. Given some of that is just class issues that might get addressed in 6.2, but otherwise Resto Druids might scale way higher than others are able to, especially since we don’t have the option to get int trinkets as an alternative (other than “stealing” them from DPS).

    I really wish they would revert the 6.1 changes to bonus rolls for trinkets… I guess I’ll be coining many bosses as Shadow to get int trinkets now *sigh*

  2. I have to agree the mana gameplay has deteriorated and the future looks even worse.

    Back in Highmaul, regardless of what you thought of the encounters the mana gameplay was real and rewarding.

    But now mana is barely a concern. Even as a resto druid I was running candle/throughput trinket on pretty much every single fight on heroic.
    In mythic now that I have the Autoclave I can feel how powerful it is on progression, which is nice. But I don’t see myself wanting any more regen at all in the rest of the expansion..

    Also in relation to trinkets what are peoples opinion on throughput proc trinkets? Autoclave has a stacking proc haste buff. Which feels so wierd. I do make use of it as a resto druid, but in principle I feel throughput procs are terrible for healers.
    In practice seeing as the proc is not likely to cause/prevent a wipe ever does the mathmatical average still reign supreme? Or is it worth accepting a slightly lower stat average for more reliability?

    Oh and I enjoy your podcasts guys, so thanks from a healer always trying to improve. We need more healing theorycrafting!

    • Thanks!

      I do generally feel that way a as Druid–you can burn out your mana, but if you have good habits, you probably won’t these days. And that’s running Candle/ChewToy or similar. Also, it is relevant that being in this comfortable mana situation does rely on not spamming all the time–mana is still a factor. Overall though, yes, I’d rather the mana was backed off a little, even as a Druid.

      I usually don’t distinguish too much between passive stats and average value of a proc. Passive is probably a little better, but the difference is less important nowadays, since healing is a little slower and it’s easier to conclude that it all “adds up”, regardless of when you get the buff.

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