Notes on Ocarina of Time, Part 6: Forest Temple

This is a continuation of our Ocarina notes project. You can see all the parts here.
Part 6: The Forest Temple

Forest Temple

Perculia: I’m liking the aesthetics of the Forest Temple, from the first moment where I had to hookshot off a tree to enter–stained glass, lots of sinister gardens, passageways that are relatively empty, paintings, dignified stairs. It seems mysterious and overrun, yet strangely welcoming. I felt that I was constantly in danger in Jabu-Jabu’s belly, but in the Forest Temple I get the impression that I’m in a foreboding, yet not openly-hostile, environment. It felt peaceful just exploring and getting keys due to the soothing environment, shady coordiors, and pastel doors. If I hit a dead end, I was trained now to retrace steps and the scattered monsters in each room weren’t overwhelming.

Hamlet: The Temples are really the fully-formed Zelda dungeons of this game, which the child dungeons as a sort of training sequence. This is what I was discussing a bit in Jabu-Jabu’s Belly–now you’ll be expected to navigate around on your own, retraverse areas multiple times, find where to go with particular items, etc.

They’re fully-formed aesthetically too, as you notice immediately. I think you’ll enjoy all of them that way, although Forest is really one of the best.

P:  The center room looks awesome, all dark grey with the neon fairies floating away in the center. It’s funny, I really do get a sense that it’s in a peaceful sunny forest and this is a cool and shady central room. In exploring the side rooms, I liked seeing the hearts above the columns, the vines, and levels/doors above me. In the left wing, I notice how there’s an eyeball I can’t interact with just yet–the hookshot doesn’t work.

H: Yup, getting the hang of every (properly made) Zelda dungeon. You’re always presented with some things that require the dungeon’s main item, before you have it.

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