Notes on Ocarina of Time, Part 9: Shadow Temple

This is a continuation of our Ocarina notes project. You can see all the parts here.
Part 9: The Shadow Temple

Kakariko Village

Perculia: Seeing Kakariko Village in flames, the one zone that’s remained relatively stable through Adult Link’s explorations, sets the tone for this creepy segment.

Hamlet: Especially going back to some much earlier comments on the Village, and how it’s the oddly peaceful area with random goofy characters set off from the world. It was always a very comfortable place (interesting distinction from Link to the Past, where Kakariko is transformed and no longer safe in the Dark World).

P: This instance gave me the most initial confusion, even more so than the Water Temple (which was easy to figure out once I mentally reorganized the Temple’s map by water levels instead of the actual map floors). Much of this was due to being able to enter the Shadow Temple and obtain the Hoverboots and Dungeon Map without the Lens of Truth–it didn’t cross my mind to return to this segment as a child because I hadn’t needed to when prepping for the other three temples–Forest, Fire, and Water. It’s logical that the Shadow Temple would build upon the complexity of the Water Temple, and part of that would be elaborating the mini-instance required to access the actual Temple. The Forest Temple required you to race Dampe in the Kakariko graveyard, the Fire Temple had you meet Goron Link, and the Water Temple really kicked things up by sending you through the Ice Temple, a mini-dungeon with a map, compass, and loot chest at the end.

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