Notes on Ocarina of Time, Part 4: Jabu-Jabu’s Belly

This is a continuation of our Ocarina notes project. You can see all the parts here.
Part 4: Through obtaining the Master Sword


Perculia: When we last left off, Link was fleeing the warm yet crushing embraces of the Gorons. After seeing their reaction, I went to check the city back out. As expected, they were very happy to see me–apparently I am their brother now. (Hamlet: if you think gaining some brothers is nice, wait until you see what happens after the next dungeon). With a stash of bombs, I was now able to bomb open a secret vendor that had some adult armor pieces and bombs sold at discounted prices. I also learned how to make a vase move with fire and *still* failed at the rolling guy giving me a reward. (H: we talked about this puzzle last time and it’s even less clear than I’d remembered–you have your Bomb Bag now, and he still won’t give you the reward because it only works if you stop him at a certain point). These are two things I want to investigate at a later point still. However, it wasn’t completely a dead-end trip: I was successful at getting a heart about the Cavern through a backflip (H: unintended method, incidentally. The game never expects to you to use sidehops/backflips to solve jumping puzzles–that Heart Piece is also reachable with an item you don’t have yet).

Side Quests

P: Death Mountain: Exploring the mountain began by practiced more advanced bomb throwing on the ledge to lodge a stone, then bombing some easier rocks for fun, which rewarded me with a secret well with a cow, hearts, and rupees. There’s a hint that I’ll return to this area at a later point–Navi tells me that an instance I zone into is ‘too hot’ and I start to lose health. It’s nice that I was still able to have the option to enter, instead of feeling like the world was cut off. However, it was a bit overkill that the owl had to chime in and tell me that I was too young for part of this area in addition to Navi.

The Great Fairy has an…interesting outfit. It’s pretty different from what we’ve seen characters wear so far–traditional tunics, leggings, dresses, hair colors. She’s almost menacing with her laugh though. Again, I like the blend of discovering her through using a tool (bomb) and music (Zelda’s Lullaby).

H: Character designer Yoshiki Haruhana has said in interviews that he wasn’t given any particular direction with the Great Fairies, and simply wanted to do something different from the generic fairy everyone would expect. I think everyone who’s played Ocarina would at least agree that Haruhana-san accomplished that much.

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