Healing Discussion Podcast #4

For the first time since Warlords, we sat down and talked about healing.  This was more of an open-ended discussion of things happening since launch, generally focusing on trinkets, the Disc Priest situation, and on how the Warlords healing system is starting to play out in raids.


00:00 Intro – What we’ve been doing since launch
05:45 Trinkets – #candlegate and Highmaul trinkets.  This is a chart of healer trinkets I made while I was preparing for this show: Trinkets
26:00 Healing in Highmaul – the WoD model, Mar’gok vs Butcher/Kargath
42:10 Power Word: Shield, with bonus digressions on Prayer of Healing design and the role of healing assignments in WoD
1:12:00 Outro & Merry Christmas :)

Previous episodes

Healing Discussion Podcast #3

We’re not going to be able to do one of these again for a few weeks due to Blizzcon and other traveling, so we made sure to get in one more before leaving.  As we did last time, we spent an hour on one topic.  This time it was Level 100 talents (handy link so you can look at them while listening).


0:00 Intro
2:40 Druid Level 100 Talents
14:45 Shaman Level 100 Talents (extra reading)
28:20 Priest Level 100 Talents (Disc and Holy)
46:40 Paladin Level 100 Talents
57:15 Monk Level 100 Talents
1:03:15 Outro — See you all at BlizzCon!

Healing Discussion Podcast #2

We sat down again for an important topic we didn’t get to last time–how to pick stats for healers in Warlords.  That kept us going for an hour, since we talked about all the different classes and stats and what we think is best to use.


General list of topics:
0:00 Intro, Spirit (referenced Spirit post)
2:00 Loot allocation
5:00 Multistrike mechanics
9:00 Versatility mechanics
18:00 Attunement stats
19:00 Evaluating Haste for healers
25:45 Resto Druid stats
30:30 Holy Priest stats
33:00 Mistweaver Monk stats
36:20 Why it’s still important to pick a best stat in Warlords
38:15 Resto Shaman stats (referenced CM video)
47:25 Holy Paladin stats
51:15 Disc Priest stats

Sorry if the audio recording still has some annoying pops.  I updated Mumble to 1.2.8 and tried the Mumble recorder again.  We will see if we can try something else next time.

Healing Discussion Podcast

In the aftermath of last week’s Wowhead Weekly episode, where Dayani and I got together and talked about healing for 45 minutes, we thought it might be fun to record some of our general healing chat sessions and put them to use.  We spend a lot of time talking to each other about healing theory, and while some of that does end up in blog or forum posts, or on Twitter, a lot of discussion doesn’t ever make it anywhere.

So we hopped in Mumble and chatted about a few current topics, and now present it to you here in podcast form.


General list of topics:

00:00 – Introduction
00:50 – Weird Raiding Month/Magical Unicorn Fairyland Time
>> See http://healiocentric.wordpress.com/2014/10/16/patch-6-0-2-full-of-sound-and-fury-signifying-nothing/
08:22 – Spirit in Warlords
16:00 – Discipline Priests
29:00 – Mistweaver Monks and Crane Stance
37:15 – Mobility
43:45 – Holy Paladin Issues
50:55 – Raid Cooldowns in Warlords
58:30 – Wrap-up

You’ll note we’re pretty casual – this is an experiment more than anything.  Plans going forward for this are not specific, but we liked doing it, so we’ll see about doing it whenever there are some ripe topics to go over.  Let us know if you enjoyed it, and we’re always open to feedback, suggestions for improvement, and commentary.