MoP Professions: Blacksmithing+, Jewelcrafting-

I’ve had this conversation multiple times since I looked up the MoP profression bonuses for my Moonkin guide, so just want to write it down somewhere while I have a moment.


In the past, primary and secondary stats were placed on gems in the same quantity (compare 40 Int with 40 crit). This meant that primary stat gems always dominated all other options (let’s put aside some complication with tanks and various mitigation options). You’d sometimes use other colors to meet a meta requirement or the occasional socket bonus, but you basically made your gem coloring as “red” as possible at all times.
As far as professions were concerned then, a profression which gave you extra gems (Blacksmithing) or upgraded your gems (Jewelcrafting) was equivalent to giving more of your primary stat (since you wouldn’t use them for any other purpose), and could be easily balanced against +primary stat bonuses from other professions.


In MoP, in an effort to make gems more interesting, primary stats (Int/Agi/Str/Stam) are only placed at half value on gems (compare 160 Int to 320 crit). This also applies to hybrid gems. Point being, since half as much of a primary stat is more in line with the value of secondary stats, gem choice is interesting again. Most classes have at least one secondary that they prefer to primary at a 2:1 ratio, in some cases by a wide margin.

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10 < 25

WoW developers have recently been frequently indicating an interest in community feedback/discussion on the issue of 10 and 25-man raids (some examples).  In particular, they are trying to find ways to once again incentivize players to run 25-mans, but the Cataclysm approach of making the two raid types interchangeable in terms of rewards and achievements has made it very difficult to do that.  I think what I’m going to do is copy some feedback I already wrote about this, and then add a few notes underneath it.



One of the big problems here is that the discussion is now exclusively framed as “25s are harder logistically.”  The first issue with that is that I’m not sure it’s true.  25s take proportionally more work to run but also have proportionally more people available to help (i.e. more “officers” or whatever it may be).  And what “logistics” mostly means in raiding is getting everyone to show up, and 10s are hit a lot harder by the ordinary fluctuations of attendance.  A serious 10-man group has a much harder time dealing with one key raider missing for a day–one random class swap has more of an effect that it does in 25, one bad fillin player has more of an effect, and the chance of simply not being able to raid is higher unless you keep a larger bench (relatively speaking) than in 25.  I think this effect is masked by 10-man groups being the go-to for “just fill the raid and we can go” casual-type stuff, where logistics are obviously simple.  So people don’t associate 10-mans with the logistical foibles of managing a raid team.  But for two similar groups trying to do equally hard content for equal rewards, I don’t see why you’d assume the principal difference is one of logistics.  There are much bigger difference of substance: Continue reading