Six Years of Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows


I’m not big on Christmas traditions, but every year I look forward to taking pictures of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. While they have creative windows year-round, the holiday ones are particularly special. They make you feel festive without overt red and green displays or holiday props.

Most of the pictures I have are of the five main windows on 5th Avenue. While all three sides of the building have interesting windows, these five are the most elaborate. Sometimes I include pictures of the ones on 58th, such as the 17th century music room from 2005.

The pictures span 2004-2012, with breaks in 2006, 2009, and 2010 for various real-life reasons. For most years, I link to albums with some teaser thumbnails, but 2004’s pictures are a slideshow at the bottom. There’s around 200 total, so enjoy!

Bergdorf 2012

2012’s theme was the BG Follies, and the aesthetic was closer to 1930s glamor this year than the Baroque of past years. The overall image was eye-catching, but models in the forefront were emphasized and the backgrounds were less patterned. It was harder this year to take close-up pictures of whimsical objects which couldn’t be easily traced to a window, as I could in past years.

IMG_1330 IMG_1336 IMG_1339
IMG_1347 IMG_1361 IMG_1335
IMG_1326 IMG_1345

Bergdorf 2011

2011’s theme was the Carnivale of the Animals: The Brass Menagerie, Breaking the Ice, Testing the Waters, Teacher’s Pets, and Artists and Models. Teacher’s Pets was particularly fun to photograph.

IMG_0231 IMG_0217 IMG_0245
IMG_0237 IMG_0261 IMG_0227
IMG_0212 IMG_0244


Bergdorf 2008


 2008’s theme was the four seasons–Spring and Winter are particularly whimsical. Compared to other years, 2008’s windows have a really narrow color palette, which is interesting since it’s tempting to define seasons by their obvious colors. Instead, the windows all fall into a cream-grey color scheme and the different fashions and objects set the mood.

39 023 39 020 39 019
39 017 39 050 39 032
39 059 39 038

Bergdorf 2007

2007’s theme was The Elements. The dinosaur tango and gingerbread parlor, reminiscent of 2005’s china parlor, are my favorite.

215_556713389741_3436_n 215_556713394731_3782_n 199_556715615281_5761_n
199_556715620271_6097_n 199_556715650211_7211_n 199_556715705101_9718_n
215_556713309901_8925_n 199_556715720071_438_n

Bergdorf 2005

2005 and 2004 are the strongest windows in my opinion. The china window is particularly inventive, and the black and white one reminds me of Edward Gorey.216970_542035085181_8378_n 207431_542034995361_5142_n 208623_542034970411_4490_n

205783_542034950451_4014_n 206839_542034880591_2549_n 208555_542034830691_1530_n
215966_542035065221_7574_n 205431_542035224901_2740_n
Bergdorf 2004

2004 didn’t fit on Flickr, so you can click on the images to have a full-sized slideshow here.  I was still figuring out how to use a camera, so some have more glare, but I think the Venetian carnival window is still my favorite display across all years. Also like the lighting on the winter wonderland gate.

DSCN0835_2DSCN0837_2DSCN0847_2DSCN0849_2 DSCN0852_2  205659_542035264821_3192_n 217634_542035299751_4159_n

DSCN0862_2 DSCN0864_2

DSCN0868_2 DSCN0866_2 205043_542035274801_3721_n DSCN0834_2216178_542035284781_3979_n 217350_542035324701_4840_n217038_542035349651_5268_n 207995_542035334681_5079_n206703_542035319711_4617_n 208387_542035359631_5570_n 215922_542035309731_4374_n

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