RoS Gear Basics — Addendum on Enchanting

My last post discussed the basics of picking gear in the Loot 2.0 system. It emphasized that a max level character can be geared up rapidly with good rares if you know what to look for and make use of the enchanting system. I want to add a few small points that can make a big difference in how effectively you can use enchanter, especially with limited resources.

A rare item has up to 4 primary affixes and 2 secondary, as discussed before. Each slot has a pool of primary affixes from which it can draw its 4. This is a helpful resource I linked before to see what they are. When you enchant a primary stat, the item can draw the new stat from the usual primary pool (you can click the “?” icon at the enchanter to see all the possibilities in advance). However, the full array of possible affixes is not always available, because certain affixes are mutually exclusive.

In particular, an item can’t have two +skill bonuses or two +element bonuses. So when enchanting a particular stat, if one of the other stats being left on the item is a +skill or +element affix, all of those will be removed from the enchanting pool. This can be used to your advantage when enchanting. Conversely, if an item does not have a +skill or +element affix (except possibly for the one being enchanted), and those are available in the slot, there will be a very long list of possible reforges. This works against you, even if it’s not the +skill or +element that you’re going for. In that situation you might reconsider enchanting the item unless you are willing to spend a large amount of gold and materials rolling the stat you want out of a large pool.

Example: As a Wizard, you may typically want boots that have: Int, AR, movespeed, and Arcane Orb damage. Say you get rare boots with Int, AR, Arcane Orb, and Armor. When you go to the enchanter and select Armor to be enchanted, the only possibilities available will be Armor, Vit, Life Per Second, and movespeed (these are the only affixes possible on boots that already have a primary stat and a +skill affix). Out of a pool of only 4 stats, you’ll get your desired one very fast. If on the other hand, you show up with rare boots that have Int, AR, movespeed, and Disintegrate damage, the list will be much longer. The possible list of affixes on the boots will include the ones mentioned above, plus all the possible Wizard spell bonuses that can roll on boots–so 7 or 8 options in total. Now you have a high chance of going through far more gold and materials to get the item you want.

In general this all manifests itself in one important conclusion–when rolling slots that have +element or +skill affixes, try your best to start with an item that has the element or skill you want, and roll one of the other stats. This will save you a lot of gold and Death’s Breath in the long run. A few particular points:

  • Offhand items (Sources/Mojos/Quivers) have huge lists of possible +skill affixes (other slots only have 4 or 5 each). Be wary of ever enchanting one that doesn’t have the skill you want already.
  • If you don’t want a skill affix in a slot that can have one (for example, if you don’t heavily use a primary skill for damage, you probably don’t need the bonus on belt or pants), there’s no good way around this. You’ll have to deal with the chance for irrelevant skill bonuses any time you try to enchant one of those items for a 4th non-skill stat.

Finally, one different issue that comes up: an item can’t have both AR and a single resist stat. So when an item has single resist as a secondary and 3 good primaries, you are unfortunately locked out of rolling the last primary into AR. Watch out for this before enchanting, since AR is a strong stat you often want to put on items that don’t have it.

I hope this helps you be economical with your materials while you follow the advice in the prior post to hunt down good gear. Good luck!

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