Healing Discussion Podcast #3

We’re not going to be able to do one of these again for a few weeks due to Blizzcon and other traveling, so we made sure to get in one more before leaving.  As we did last time, we spent an hour on one topic.  This time it was Level 100 talents (handy link so you can look at them while listening).


0:00 Intro
2:40 Druid Level 100 Talents
14:45 Shaman Level 100 Talents (extra reading)
28:20 Priest Level 100 Talents (Disc and Holy)
46:40 Paladin Level 100 Talents
57:15 Monk Level 100 Talents
1:03:15 Outro — See you all at BlizzCon!

12 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #3

  1. Good stuff again! Just a suggestion for a future podcast though: efficent healing assignment methods. I understand they aren’t rigid or scripted but it would be great to get an overview of the thought process behind them from skilled and experienced healers. I’ve recently switched to healing as the lack of strong leadership in that department has held my guild back in the past. I think a lot of people would be interested into what you guys take into consideration when assigning healing jobs. I’d bet there’s plenty of guilds out there who have good individual performances but could grow as a healing unit overall through better cooperation and coordination.

    • I agree! We’d definitely benefit from your take on healing comps, especially since you both have experience playing multiple healing classes.

  2. I will never understand why the second Beacon is a separate talent rather than just adding a charge to the original Beacon spell and cap it at having 2 up at any given time. All that ability pruning only to add a second spell that literally tells you to look at the tooltip of another spell to find out what it does.

  3. Regarding level 100 Paladin talents. The main issue I can see with ‘Saved by the Light’, is that for every encounter where you could possibly get use out of it, it would still be limited in scope. On the beta, for example, Beacon of Faith could sometimes account for 20-25% of my healing, that’s 12.5% coming from a single beacon. I don’t possibly see how SBTL can match that.

  4. Excellent podcast! I do have a question concerning the functionality of Rampant Growth. The tooltip explains that Swiftmend eats YOUR Rejuv or Regrowth, but what about another druid’s? For example, could you have one druid with germination populating the raid with double Rejuv’s and then a second that is popping swiftmends with Soul of the Forest WG’s and double strength rejuv’s? The way the tooltip is written is that the first druid’s hots would remain intact, while the second druid would have tons of swiftmend targets. Thoughts?

    • They talked about this on the Wowhead special last month, iirc there was a bug early in the beta that allowed this to happen, but it was not the intention.

  5. Loving the podcast :) Please keep them coming, I’ve been a Warlock for the last two expansions and now playing a healer. Need all the help I can get :P

  6. I am having trouble finding your podcasts on stitcher, wowhead’s as well. Am I not searching correctly or are they not available through stitcher?

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