Healing Discussion Podcast #8

Dayani and I have both been occupied with various projects lately, particularly her raid guides and my challenge mode video guides.  But we finally got back together to catch up on healing, and spent most of the time on a topic we hadn’t gotten into yet, T17 set bonuses.


0:00 – Intro & What we’ve been up to
1:30 – New Patch 6.1 Notes — Updated HealerCalcs
1:45 – PW:S nerf, and what it does for Disc Priest priorities
8:15 – Resto Shaman’s Restorative Waters buff
12:30 – PoM charge change reverted
13:20 – Crane Stance/Rising Sun Kick buff
18:45 – Challenge Mode difficulty
21:00 – Tier 17 Set Bonuses
23:00 – Shaman Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
31:20 – Druid Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
39:50 – Holy Priest Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
45:00 – Disc Priest Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
56:00 – Paladin Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
1:06:10 – Mistweaver Monk Set Bonuses (2pc 4pc)
1:16:00 – Good-bye!

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20 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #8

  1. Great show! Though I don’t like your new mic. Some questions:
    Shaman 4p: “When you gain Tidal Waves” includes refreshing the buff? From what you say it sounds like it, just want to make sure.
    Druid 4p: Would you agree that this is the worst set bonus across all applicable classes and specs and resto druids should pass on tokens until everyone else on our token has their 4p bonus?

    Also, one inquery (maybe for the next episode?): I would like to know why you two like Revival so much. In my raid we see Revival as much worse than tranq (122k vs. 135k per player), because for most raid mechanics, having the healing spread over 8 seconds is much better than having it instantly, as the monk needs to wait until the whole raid is pretty low, making it pretty dangerous (and often leading to much higher overheal).

    • Thanks! Not sure what was different about my recording setup, will try to check.

      I don’t remember now what we said about Revival, but it is very good. Different cooldowns are good in different situations, but it’s essentially never weak and often very useful. You could make a good case for saying it’s generally the most useful. It’s almost as strong as the strongest one, but doesn’t require the 8s channel, so doesn’t require all that care or delay to make sure you can get the full channel off. It doesn’t even have a 40yd range limit. And occasionally the dispel fully counters some boss ability. Against pulsing damage, with current high HP pools, you’re often quite able to wait and get full value. Since it’s instant, you can always use it the moment you need to if things get bad.

    • Yep, the RSham 4pc counts buff refreshes – or at least, it did on the Beta where I could test it, I don’t have the 4pc myself yet. I really wish it’d be changed to something different, like to Tidal Waves *expenditure*, as a way to encourage us to use things other than Chain Heal. Damn, I should have talked about this on the show – I had a whole bunch of interesting things to say about the set bonus like 6 months ago and forgot all about them :P

      • Hey guys, thanks for another really interesting podcast! I had wanted to ask this on Twitter but so little space!

        Does the RSham 4 set tier bonus increasingly favor the riptide glyph? This is a glyph I used a fair bit in MoP but haven’t touched in WoD so far, mainly due to Echo. I’m wondering does the potential increase in uptime of the bonus offset the reduction in direct healing from a Riptide cast?
        I guess this is a moot point though if you stick with Echo.

  2. I think a big part of why disc priests are discounting the 4pc is that it lasts 6 seconds from archangel’s activation. The guaranteed crit from empowered archangel is really a really powerful part of discipline’s kit, but archangel gives you a whole 18 second window to use your prayer of healing, while the set bonus locks you into using prayer right after archangel if you want to see any mana discount. Given that archangel is typically used on cooldown, it isn’t always feasible to line up a powerful prayer of healing with archangel’s activation.

    Spirit shell synergizes with the bonus, but the biggest issue with spirit shell right now is that it competes with power infusion, and I don’t think it will be a compelling choice as long as that’s the case. I do agree that the type of absorption-based gameplay spirit shell promotes is much more interesting than disc’s current approach(but really, what isn’t?).

    I still feel as if the set bonus is being undervalued a bit by disc priests, but I think there is good reason for scepticism in this case.

    Anyways, y’all have the best healing podcast out there, and I really look forward to hearing your perspective every couple of weeks, so keep it up!

  3. Mist weaving buff will apply to any instant cast you clip soothing with. Just to be sure jade mist procs function the same I did a dummy test with sample size 20 and 5% ms. I managed to fish out 6 procs using 7 stack of mist weaving which is much closer to 40% than 5%. It’s a small sampling but it’s rather unlikely to get 6x the number of pros you would expect. Important to note is that I casted the free ReM after every proc to reset jade mist.

  4. Regarding Resto druids, use the 2pc and 4pc bonus in synergy! It’s 2 free, instant Healing Touches for ~3k mana saved on Wild Growth. Still adds up to about 250 MP5, discarding the mana saved on HT. The overhealing from the extra HT’s should be worth it anyway. Keep in mind though when you need the heavy raid healing you should be able to find targets for HT anyway! From what I can tell the buff from 2xHT doesn’t have any duration either, allowing you to save the Wild Growth untill it’s needed aslong as you use the NS close-to-on-cd!

    • It is a little synergy, but only on the once/min NS use. That’s a pretty small portion of how often you can use the 4pc to buff WG. It helps a little, but you mostly have to play into it to get it to do much for you.

      • Keep in mind too that if you hit NS and then omen procs, your regrowths are taken up by the free NS you have left BEFORE the omen is used. So if you have regrowth glyphed and prefer that to HT (like me), you’ll have to make a less than optimal decision.

  5. Hey there Hamlet,

    First of all, let me thank you for your efforts and commitment to keep us (wow freaks) up to date on all matters Azeroth, specially those related to the healing arts.

    I found your podcast pretty informative and enlightening about the shape of heals to come in the near future.

    Now I have a question related to the eternal struggle between the weight of mastery and haste on us the Resto Druids. I am checking Method’s Resto Druid Sonie’s armory and he has decided to go all the way to stack mastery. Given that he is a top endgame competitive player, what could possibly be the reason for him not to choose a haste oriented gear and optimization? His play style? Is the difference between mastery and haste are so imperceptible that stacking either way will ensure a decent HPS output?

    Thank you very much to take the time to read my wall of letters and congratulations for your work.

    Best regards

      • Hey, thank you for answering. I read your Article in depth a few weeks ago and that is why I was wondering how not everyone arrived at the same conclusions that you did in your article.

        I am currently struggling with my 674 ilevel resto druid and hardly pulling 28 -30k HPS BRF heroic no matter what I stack myself with (haste or mastery) and pulling a 40k+ HPS will translate into running out of mana way early in an encounter.

        Well thank you anyways for the answer. Please keep up the good work!

        • Good :) . I don’t know offhand what is currently most common among Druids in elite guilds. It is true though that in many cases the difference will be very small.

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