I’ve been busy lately and not as much into theorycraft projects as usual.  But a lot of people have asked me during this first week of Hellfire Citadel whether I was going to reprise my Blackrock Foundry Weakaura project for the new zone.  Since this is something I wanted to do anyway to help my own raid group, I figured I’d try to get a basic version ready for people who were interested.  Note that a lot of these are untested; I’ve only seen about half the fights so far, so give me any feedback on how it works.

Once again, I got Dayani from Healiocentric to go over all these fights and mechanics with me, as she put a huge amount of work into learning them on the beta for the purpose of writing her guides.  If you want any explanation of the encounters/mechanics listed here, I recommend you take a look at those.

For I’m just going to include the WeakAura downloads and the list of abilities I used.  See the BRF post for more explanation of the setup if you need.

WeakAura Downloads

Addon: WeakAuras 2

Awareness Auras (debuff alert and standing-in-fire alert), v 0.9: WA String

Interrupt Bars (target/focus castbar showing important spells), v 0.9: WA String

So far, includes Heroic difficulty mechanics only.  These include all the bosses already, but I haven’t gotten to test the later ones, so please report anything odd on those ones especially.

Last time around, there was a bug, I think on the WA side, where the icon displayed wouldn’t always match up to the current debuff (I have the display set to “Automatic Icon”).  I worked around it by breaking a lot of debuffs into separate auras and setting the icon manually, but that was a pain and made the package a lot bigger.  So far I haven’t done that here; let me know if you see anything wrong (or are a WA expert who might know how to address this).

Ability Lists

Big debuff alert:

  • Howling Axe
  • Artillery
  • Fel Rage
  • Shadow of Death
  • Hunger for Life
  • Touch of Doom
  • Fel Chakram
  • Fel Beam Fixate
  • Phantasmal Fel Bomb
  • Phantasmal Corruption
  • Volatile Fel Orb
  • Gift of the Man’ari
  • Ghastly Fixation
  • Font of Corruption (included for now, might be too long)
  • Edict of Comdemnation
  • Befouled
  • Latent Energy
  • Seed of Destruction
  • Fel Surge
  • Void Surge
  • Chains of Fel
  • Mark of Doom
  • Doomfire Fixate
  • Shackled Torment
  • Wrought Chaos
  • Focused Chaos
  • Devour Life
  • Void Star Fixate
  • Shared Fate (179908 only)
  • Heart Seeker (188929 only)
  • Mark of the Necromancer (only while Reap is casting — needs testing)
  • Digest (only when duration <5s)
  • Shattered Defenses (included for now, might be too long)

Standing in Fire alert w/sound:

Triggered by debuff presence:

  • Reap
  • Fel Fury
  • Doom Well
  • Blood Splatter
  • Fel Flames
  • Fel Fire
  • Felblaze Residue
  • Despoiled Ground
  • Gazing Shadows
  • Nether Tear
  • Blood of Mannoroth
  • Fuel Streak
  • Fiery Pool
  • Foul Pool
  • Shadowy Pool

Triggered by damage event (displays for 2s):

  • Shadow Globule
  • Fiery Globule
  • Foul Globule
  • [Fel Blade] (not included for now)
  • Phantasmal Nova
  • Fel Crystal (181653 only)
  • Fel Hellfire

Triggered by debuff application (displays for 2s) (currently only first stack):

  • Immolation
  • Felsinged
  • Wasting Void
  • Doomfire

Interruptible Spells:

  • Rending Howl
  • Repair
  • Felfire Volley
  • Bellowing Shout
  • Fel Blaze
  • Fel Conduit
  • Fel Chain Lightning
  • Exert Dominance
  • Shadow Bolt Volley
  • Shadow Word: Agony
  • Harbinger’s Mending
  • Fel Orb
  • Fel Blast
  • Flames of Argus

(Will try to add wowhead links when I have time)

Healer Debuff List

These are not part of the WeakAuras, but are a suggested list of debuffs for healers to highlight on their raid frames, to show targets who need quick healing:

  • Unstable Orb (consider showing only 2 stacks or higher)
  • Fel Rage
  • Heart Seeker
  • Phantasmal Wounds
  • Overwhelming Power
  • Befouled
  • Ablaze