Raid Awareness WeakAuras, Hellfire Citadel

I’ve been busy lately and not as much into theorycraft projects as usual.  But a lot of people have asked me during this first week of Hellfire Citadel whether I was going to reprise my Blackrock Foundry Weakaura project for the new zone.  Since this is something I wanted to do anyway to help my own raid group, I figured I’d try to get a basic version ready for people who were interested.  Note that a lot of these are untested; I’ve only seen about half the fights so far, so give me any feedback on how it works.

Once again, I got Dayani from Healiocentric to go over all these fights and mechanics with me, as she put a huge amount of work into learning them on the beta for the purpose of writing her guides.  If you want any explanation of the encounters/mechanics listed here, I recommend you take a look at those.

For I’m just going to include the WeakAura downloads and the list of abilities I used.  See the BRF post for more explanation of the setup if you need.

WeakAura Downloads

Addon: WeakAuras 2

Awareness Auras (debuff alert and standing-in-fire alert), v 0.9: WA String

Interrupt Bars (target/focus castbar showing important spells), v 0.9: WA String

So far, includes Heroic difficulty mechanics only.  These include all the bosses already, but I haven’t gotten to test the later ones, so please report anything odd on those ones especially.

Last time around, there was a bug, I think on the WA side, where the icon displayed wouldn’t always match up to the current debuff (I have the display set to “Automatic Icon”).  I worked around it by breaking a lot of debuffs into separate auras and setting the icon manually, but that was a pain and made the package a lot bigger.  So far I haven’t done that here; let me know if you see anything wrong (or are a WA expert who might know how to address this).

Ability Lists

Big debuff alert:

  • Howling Axe
  • Artillery
  • Fel Rage
  • Shadow of Death
  • Hunger for Life
  • Touch of Doom
  • Fel Chakram
  • Fel Beam Fixate
  • Phantasmal Fel Bomb
  • Phantasmal Corruption
  • Volatile Fel Orb
  • Gift of the Man’ari
  • Ghastly Fixation
  • Font of Corruption (included for now, might be too long)
  • Edict of Comdemnation
  • Befouled
  • Latent Energy
  • Seed of Destruction
  • Fel Surge
  • Void Surge
  • Chains of Fel
  • Mark of Doom
  • Doomfire Fixate
  • Shackled Torment
  • Wrought Chaos
  • Focused Chaos
  • Devour Life
  • Void Star Fixate
  • Shared Fate (179908 only)
  • Heart Seeker (188929 only)
  • Mark of the Necromancer (only while Reap is casting — needs testing)
  • Digest (only when duration <5s)
  • Shattered Defenses (included for now, might be too long)

Standing in Fire alert w/sound:

Triggered by debuff presence:

  • Reap
  • Fel Fury
  • Doom Well
  • Blood Splatter
  • Fel Flames
  • Fel Fire
  • Felblaze Residue
  • Despoiled Ground
  • Gazing Shadows
  • Nether Tear
  • Blood of Mannoroth
  • Fuel Streak
  • Fiery Pool
  • Foul Pool
  • Shadowy Pool

Triggered by damage event (displays for 2s):

  • Shadow Globule
  • Fiery Globule
  • Foul Globule
  • [Fel Blade] (not included for now)
  • Phantasmal Nova
  • Fel Crystal (181653 only)
  • Fel Hellfire

Triggered by debuff application (displays for 2s) (currently only first stack):

  • Immolation
  • Felsinged
  • Wasting Void
  • Doomfire

Interruptible Spells:

  • Rending Howl
  • Repair
  • Felfire Volley
  • Bellowing Shout
  • Fel Blaze
  • Fel Conduit
  • Fel Chain Lightning
  • Exert Dominance
  • Shadow Bolt Volley
  • Shadow Word: Agony
  • Harbinger’s Mending
  • Fel Orb
  • Fel Blast
  • Flames of Argus

(Will try to add wowhead links when I have time)

Healer Debuff List

These are not part of the WeakAuras, but are a suggested list of debuffs for healers to highlight on their raid frames, to show targets who need quick healing:

  • Unstable Orb (consider showing only 2 stacks or higher)
  • Fel Rage
  • Heart Seeker
  • Phantasmal Wounds
  • Overwhelming Power
  • Befouled
  • Ablaze

9 thoughts on “Raid Awareness WeakAuras, Hellfire Citadel

  1. I didn’t realize how dependent I was on visual warnings from your BRF auras until I died (twice) to devour, and had to turn on game sound so DBM could warn me. Thanks for putting them together again for HFC!

  2. Hi!
    Thank you so much for this. Its really helpful and I love it. Really appreciate the work you put into this and that you shared it with everyone.
    Theres just an issue with the debuff popups on bosses past gorefiend, they dont display right. I get a question mark on the pop up with no timer or anything instead of a an actual picture of the debuff with a timer on it. Everything works fine prior to that. The interupt bar and “standing in something” popup continue to work properly throughout the entire instance.
    I have tested the auras through heroic archimonde.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I’ve been dealing with that issue since the BRF ones, but don’t know what causes it. The “automatic icon” display in WA should big the icon corresponding to the debuff that’s causing the frame to appear, and it works for some of them, and I don’t know it doesn’t work for others. Good observation that the broken ones appear to be near the end of the zone, maybe that will help figure it out.

      • hmm ok, would you mind if i posted the string on mmochamp to see if anyone can figure out how to fix them? automatic icon is checked and i dont really know what else to do to get them working. really seems like they should be fine so i dont know what the problem is.

  3. My personal weakauras sometimes encounter this bug. I think it is a bug within WA itself. I can typically fix it by unclicking autoicon, closing the WA screen, then reopening WA and clicking on autoicon again. Typically fixes the problem.

  4. I’ve had small issue similar to Jen, seems to play up on all encounters after gorefiend but I had 2 runs after a patch where there was no issue at all then it came back. It might be they changed one thing only to then realized it broke something bigger and they hotfixed it. I couldnt say 100% but that would be my first thought.

  5. Is it possible to run a seperate aura in the group that shows when Mark of the Necromancer has progressed to red stage so that people can see if they need to mitigate the dmg?
    Regardless of the time left before the next reap.

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