Healing Discussion Podcast #13

Back for one more extra-long podcast with Dayani, where we first catch up on a few ongoing 6.2 points.  Then we turn our attention to the state of healing overall and what we’re thinking about with the impending 7.0 announcement.  Finally, since this is our final show, we talk about how great it’s been to have everyone’s interest and discussion this whole time.

Thanks for listening!


0:00 Introduction & Catching Up

1:05 Etheralus, the Eternal Reward
> 1:15 Basic Etheralus mechanics (Dayani’s post)
> 3:45 How to use the ring CD

8:30 6.2 Trinket thoughts
> 9:15 Demonic Phylactery
> 10:45 Mark of Supreme Doom & the DPS/survivability tradeoff

18:40 Warlords of Draenor Healing Retrospective
>19:10 Our positive experiences in WoD
> 22:46 Mana management/Spirit in HFC (referenced Phylactery spreadsheet)
> 34:24 Smart healing/AoE healing/Targeted healing balance (and http://www.healergame.com/ )
> 47:30 Aesthetic feel & feedback from healing spells
> 53:30 Positioning/interacting with the game world/encounters

58:25 Healing gameplay derived from encounter mechanics/design
> 59:45 Healers’ role during damage lulls
> 66:00 Encounter comparison: Iron Maidens vs Gorefiend
> 69:50 Use of healing CDs – Gorefiend’s Feast of Souls vs Kromog’s Stone Breath, Mar’gok, Hellfire High Council
> 74:27 Role of healing CDs in WoD vs MoP;
> 78:10 CDs and unavoidable damage as a method of enforcing # of healers; the Mythic Tectus example
> 82:25 Healer-specific mechanics; an Iskar interlude

88:35 Summary of our WoD survey
90:00 Outro: Good-bye and good luck to Hamlet at Blizzard!

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8 thoughts on “Healing Discussion Podcast #13

  1. Thanks guys! I’ve really enjoyed your podcasts.
    Which morepeople did healing theorycrafting and discussion!
    Anyone know any good sites/forums for that actually?

    Blizzard Hamlet? Does this mean healing is now going to be amazing and disc priests will be “changed”? One can only hope hah!

  2. It is a shame to see this going away. I’m not even actively playing Wow anymore (I do occasionally come back from time to time). But it was a game that I really heavily theorycrafted for my guild back in TBC, and I really enjoy how much depth of thought you guys gave. It was entertaining enough that I would listen to hear how the game has evolved even though I wasn’t actively using the information.

    Congrats on getting a job at Blizzard, I look forward to the sort of deep analysis and long term vision that you can bring to the discussion and what that can mean for Blizzard games.

  3. Definitely sad to see the show ending, but congratulations Hamlet! I appreciate the couple emails that we sent back and forth so I could bounce ideas off you.

    Will definitely miss the theorycrafting and deep thought I get from your shows about the healing gameplay and its evolution theough the years.

    Good luck at Blizzard!

  4. Best wishes to Hamlet, and here is hoping that you are able to make healing in WoW the very best.

    Even disc priests don’t like themselves much. I would much rather be holy.

    • Discipline priest here and I agree. While there’s a certain appeal to “big dick healing”, it becomes monotonous after a while and downright boring after a few months. The problem existed in both Mists and Warlords with slightly different faces, but ultimately the problem was the same: little thought needed for spell and target selection.

  5. Awe.. Sad to hear the last show ):
    Enjoyed a lot and had quite a few insights with it
    Anyways Best wishes to Hamlet and will keep stalking Dayani for her healing knowledge (:

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