Chrono Trigger Discussion Podcast #1

Dayani and I missed talking to you all too much to let it go.  While we’re not podcasting about WoW healing anymore, we were having another discussion recently that seemed perfect to record and share.  As you probably know from her twitter, she has recently started playing an old classic, Chrono Trigger, for the first time.  And since it’s always been a top favorite of mine, we thought it would be fun to share a discussion about a popular nostalgic game from two different perspectives.


All episodes in this series.

The Ocarina of Time Notes, a similar project I did once, mentioned near the start.

The Cathedral

The Cathedral


The Courtroom, background


The Courtroom, foreground

6 thoughts on “Chrono Trigger Discussion Podcast #1

  1. X-Strike is actually Cyclone + Slurp Cut, not Slash + Slurp Cut. Easy to forget since obviously Slash makes more sense, but I’m guessing they wanted to tie it to Cyclone to make sure you could use it during the brief early game period where Frog is in the party (also because it fits the pattern of Crono having a Cyclone dual tech for every party member.)

  2. Stopped healing / playing wow about a year ago, but randomly checked this site when I should have been sleeping and found these 2 CT pods. Made my week! Appreciate it guys.

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