Chrono Trigger Discussion Podcast #2

Dayani and I return to discuss another segment of Chrono Trigger. This time we cover the prison escape, the Future, and the End of Time. In particular, we stop for a while on her reactions to powerful moments in Arris Dome, when the reality of what the future holds is revealed, and in the Factory, on witnessing the persecution of Robo.


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Bangor Dome, 2300 AD

Bangor Dome, 2300 AD

Mode 7 jetbike racing

Mode 7 jetbike racing

HP/MP restored, but you're still hungry.

HP/MP restored, but you’re still hungry.

Robo's existential confusion

Robo’s existential confusion

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  1. You picked the right one to leave behind from a mechanical point of view, because in the short term you want to boost your magic users.

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