When getting started in Shadowlands one of your first priorities will be finding a mount that can improve your movement efficiency as fast as possible. Luckily, there are a ton of mounts that you can get relatively easily if you know where to find them. Below we have created a list of the best mounts for WoW Shadowlands for players that are just starting out.

1. Wildseed Cradle

Probably the easiest mount of all to acquire, the Wildseed Cradle would have you carted around like WoW royalty on a modified magic carpet that looks quite comfortable to boot. It can be achieved my collecting a number of tools from the Garden of Night in Ardenweald and bringing them to Twinklestar, a humble fairie gardener. Follow this guide to get the details on putting it all together.

2. Shimmermist Runner

If you are a fan of My Little Pony or unicorns in general, then this is without a doubt the best beginners mount to start your journey. It requires the player to navigate a fairly intricate maze at Misteveil Tange correctly and then fight Shizgher. Use this guide to navigate the maze successfully and claim your little pony today.

3. Arboreal Gulper

Although perhaps not traditionally the most honorable or glorious mount, when you’re just starting out, sometimes a giant toad will do just fine. The Arboreal Gulper requires an item drop called an Unusually Large Mushroom which can drop from nearly anything in Ardenweald. Be warned though, as there is limited time to complete the kill once you have found your magic mushroom. For this reason it’s recommended to run this with a guild or party to speed things up.

4. Sinrunner Blanchy

This phantom horse mount is a throwback to a horse called Old Blanchy from the good old vanilla WoW days. Similar to the original quest, to get Sinrunner Blanchy as a mount, you must feed and care for Old Blanchy’s ghost for six days in a row before it becomes yours. The details of why a phantom horse requires food and grooming aside, Sinrunner Blanchy is a fairly badass mount for relatively little effort. Blanchy can be found in Revendreth.

5. Silverwind Larion

If you are done with snailing around on the ground, then it might be time to go for the Silverwind Larion, the easiest flying mount on offer in Wow Shadowlands. Don’t be fooled though, easiest doesn’t necessarily mean easy and flying mounts don’t come cheap. To get Silverwind you need to collect 50 Lost Anima Shards around Bastion, part of Shadowlands endgame content. Although it’s a bit of a grind, getting a flying mount as soon as possible will help save you tons of time down the line.

For some additional options be sure to checkout this guide from Gamerant and also add a note in your calendar for March 2021 when the free Wandering Ancient mount will be handed out for free to anyone who bought the Shadowlands expansion.