Hamlet (@HamletEJ) has been a gaming enthusiast all his life. He’s best known as the author of several guides, spreadsheets, and similar materials relating to Druids in World of Warcraft. In addition to continuing to write about that game, he’s been enjoying directing his gaming efforts to other games both old and new. By day, he is a lawyer living in New York City.

Perculia (@perculia) hadn’t played games before World of Warcraft. She became an avid player of that game though, and currently works as the Site Director of Wowhead. Though she remains heavily involved in WoW for her job, she’s recently taken to spending more of her free time seeing what else the gaming world has to offer.

Hamlet and Perculia met through the WoW community, and have spent a lot of time discussing that and other games. This blog is meant to be a place to record discussions they have on games and any other topics that might interest a similar audience. You can contact them on twitter at the above accounts.