Six Years of Bergdorf Goodman Holiday Windows


I’m not big on Christmas traditions, but every year I look forward to taking pictures of the Bergdorf Goodman holiday windows. While they have creative windows year-round, the holiday ones are particularly special. They make you feel festive without overt red and green displays or holiday props.

Most of the pictures I have are of the five main windows on 5th Avenue. While all three sides of the building have interesting windows, these five are the most elaborate. Sometimes I include pictures of the ones on 58th, such as the 17th century music room from 2005.

The pictures span 2004-2012, with breaks in 2006, 2009, and 2010 for various real-life reasons. For most years, I link to albums with some teaser thumbnails, but 2004’s pictures are a slideshow at the bottom. There’s around 200 total, so enjoy! Continue reading