This blog was initially set up by me and Perculia to write about games in general (our first project was The Ocarina Notes, which gave rise to the blog’s theme and title).  It’s currently where I put a lot of my WoW work, however, and I want to make sure that information in old posts remains easily accessible.  This page is to help people find my various WoW posts with some organization, especially for newcomers to the blog who want to read some of the earlier posts that people have said are helpful.


If you haven’t read any of my WoW posts, start with Raid Awareness is a Learned and Practiced Skill.  It’s the most important advice I’ve written for a typical raider, and it’s still the most-linked post here.  Any followups I do on the topic of raid awareness and survivability will be on the Raid Awareness tag.

Theorycraft about the healing classes been my biggest WoW focus in recent years, and many of my most detailed posts are in the Healing Theory series.  I stopped numbering them, because it’s become more of a general topic I explore and not a series of posts developing one thesis.  A specific topic that’s likely to be relevant throughout Warlords is the analysis of Spirit growth (I also recommend this Mists post on understanding mana-related numbers).

Sometimes I write up explanations of game mechanics, usually with math that will be handy to reference for anyone trying to theorycraft them.  A few that are still often relevant:

I’ve also made, and tried to start using, a Quick Notes tag for simple or short posts on miscellaneous topics.

Those are not all of my WoW posts on this site, but if you haven’t seen them, those are likely the ones you most want to read.  You can see all of the Warcraft-related posts by me and Perculia by perusing  the Warcraft category.


I record a podcast with Dayani about healing, that’s currently hosted on this site.

Other Links

Two major WoW spreadsheet projects I maintain are HealerCalcs (healer classes) and WrathCalcs (Balance Druids), both hosted on their own pages on this site.

I currently maintain class guides on Wowhead for Resto Druids and Balance Druids.

My set of narrated video guides for attaining a Gold medal in each of the Warlords Challenge Modes is on Youtube.


You can find me on twitter at @HamletEJ.  You can also email me.