History of NPC and Item Scaling in MoP

In light of Blizzard’s recent announcement that Flexible Raids are coming in Patch 5.4, I’m going to take a look at various NPC and item scaling tech used previously in Mists of Pandaria. Looking closely at item scaling should help clarify some confusion about trinket procs in general as well.

NPC scaling

In Flex Raiding, the bosses you fight will scale based on the number of players in the raid (between 10-25), while still remaining easier than Normal modes. We’ve previously seen scaling boss abilities in Mists of Pandaria, as well as mobs that scale based on the number of players attacking.

Scaling has been used on outdoor elite mobs in MoP, such as the Isle of Thunder and Battlefield Barrens mobs scaling up in difficulty based on the number of players fighting them. In WoWMartiean‘s Rare Champions of Lei Shen video, you can see Goda’s HP scaling around 2:10.

In MoP’s beta, spell IDs for boss abilities were consolidated for many bosses. This allowed spell IDs for dungeon bosses to scale between Normal, Heroic, and Challenge Modes, and spell IDs for raid bosses to scale between LFR, 10N, 10H, 25N, and 25H. In Patch 5.3, this was also applied to Normal and Heroic scenarios.

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