Even though I’ve spent more time this beta on HealerCalcs, I’ve made sure to get WrathCalcs and a Moonkin guide [link when posted] ready for 6.0.  It’s relatively straightforward to use–if you’ve used WrathCalcs, it all works the same way.


WrathCalcs 150221

WrathCalcs 150414 6.2 PTR

Can be opened in typical programs that can open Excel files, but some features will only work in Excel.


  • In the “Main” tab, select talents, stats, glyphs, and buffs.
  • The only tricky point in putting in the info is that that the stats in the pink boxes should be your unbuffed stats from gear.  An easy place to get this is by loading your character’s Wowhead profile, which shows a column called “Item stats” that shows this.
  • “Spellpower” does not include Intellect, just the spellpower-only stat on your weapon.

The outputs the sheet gives you:

  • “DPS” is your steady-state average DPS in the standard Eclipse rotation, with DoTs and Starsurge timed optimally.
  • Next to every stat, talent, buff, bonus, or glyph is a values showing the DPS benefit of that item–i.e. how much higher your DPS is compared to what it would be if you didn’t have it.  (Glyphs NYI)
  • For stats, it shows the value of one added point of the stat.
  • For buffs, set bonuses, and glyphs, if you don’t have the bonus selected, these cells will show the value that would be added to the rotation if you did have it.
  • These values all rely on data table functionality, so they work in Excel but not in other programs like OpenOffice.
  • Finally, a table at the bottom shows the damage per cast time of each individual spell.

Right now I only have a single-target DPS rotation in, but individual spell info helps give a lot of insight on what spells are worth casting in other scenarios.

14 thoughts on “WrathCalcs

  1. Thanks for the update.
    Theorycraft question: On PTR (not beta), level 90 NE, against a 90 target, I’ve removed trinkets and MH weapon to remove procs. Character sheet shows 1309 SP, 40.35% Mastery (311 Ma). No versatility. Caster form (not moonkin). Tooltip for MF reads 531 DD, which matches 40.5% SP. No PvP gear. I open with MF (having not been in combat) and do 718 damage. I would expect (eclipse in the middle) to do about 531*(1+40.35%/2)=638, but I’m a bit more than 12% above that. Any ideas where the difference comes from? I do have 4t16, but that says nothing about increased MF damage.


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  3. I Have a question to your state prio. How could it be that on one target fights crit is stronger than haste.
    My assumes are with no Buffs/(no default 5% crit):
    100 Haste -> 1% haste -> 1% more dmg
    110 Crit -> 1% crit -> 1% more dmg
    66 Multi -> 1% multi ->0.66 % more dmg = 100 Rating -> 1,51% multi->1% dmg

    I don’t want go to much in details, because it get to complicated to write down, that others can follow. But crit in generaly need more rating to increase the dmg by 1%. And haste/crit are simular on singeltarget fights. So for me it doesn’t make sense that crit should be better.
    The same problem i see on Multistrike, but there i had to say that i don’t know how much dps increase the procs of starsurge is.

    Could you help me out what I’m missing here ? 1 Target on equal % on crit and haste, should haste the better choice.

    • It’s a little more complex because crit gives SS procs. I don’t remember offhand if there’s anything else boosting the value of crit, but that’s an important one.

      • Ya thats actually my point haste also gibes SS procs in the same amount of % and has less rating. From that point of few it is unlogic that crit by one target fight is stronger than haste. And ya sure that doesnt count for multistrike.

  4. Hi 1stly appreciate all your hardwork and helps.
    And I have a silly question…
    What’s “SS USE” in Spell Usage square…could I know the full name please…
    Many thanks!

    • That’s when you use Starsurges. “Peak” means they’re always perfectly clustered around peaks. “Random” means they’re randomly distributed throughout the Eclipse cycle.

  5. Would love to see an update to the calcs with the new haste and mastery hotfixes implemented. Are you going to update it for those pre-6.1 or wait until 6.1 to do the updates?

    • I do have one here, I should upload it soon. All you’d have to do for the stats is change “/10000” to “/9000” in the haste % calc in Basic Calcs tab, and change “*1.875” to “*2” in the mastery one.

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